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Stablemates is committed to helping its clients move towards an agreed goal to benefit future well being and balance.

Animals help us reconnect with our true instincts.

The powerful consequences of tapping into this ancient and underestimated skill set are more important in today's world of technology, than they have ever been.

The animals give immediate and non-judgmental feedback on how our energy is felt, and clues on how to improve it.

The therapy helps deal with everything from anger management to people suffering from depression, anxiety or bereavement.

Results show an increase in confidence, self-esteem and positive thinking.

At Stable Mates, we predominantly use horses and dogs to aid us work through issues, however a variety of animals are available if appropriate.


Stable Mates' books are available now!


Our first installment is a tale about emotions, friendship and the value of our differences.

‘If you insist on judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree, the fish will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ - Einstein

What is the use of us all being good at the same things? Join Zig Zag and friends as they muddle through this question and finish up better friends!

It has a song and puzzles for extra fun and creativity.

It is also dyslexic friendly!

Ideal for ages 6-9

Download the song here for free!


Our second instalment sows the seed in young minds that they have choices and responsibilities for HOW their minds work.

The story illustrates the power of what we ‘say’ to ourselves.

This big concept is worth imprinting at an early age... in an age appropriate way!

Ideal for ages 6-9

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